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Atomic Grind 3 Way Split CD

Image of Atomic Grind 3 Way Split CD


Atomic Grind! 3 Way Split: Rubufaso Mukufo (Cz.) / Nervous Impulse (Can.) / Epicrise (Ukr.)

Rubufaso Mukufo, featuring ex-members of the legendary Czech Grind band Cerebral Turbulency and Martin Bilos Bilek, Malignant Tumour’s vocalist, provides some in your face grind savagery with songs from their ''Violent Show'' EP sessions, finally released on CD.

Nervous Impulse continues with their unique style of ''Brutal Death Grind Fury'' like a slap in the face with brand new songs that will blow your head off on this first split from a series to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.

Epicrise comes back after several years of silence with this collection of never officially released songs from the classic era of 2008/2010 including their ''Dead Sea'' EP. Grindcore die hard fans will be served.

***Please note that orders outside Canada will be mailed without jewel case in order to save on shipping fees***