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Grind Cuts 4 Way Split CD

Image of Grind Cuts 4 Way Split CD


Grind Cuts 4 Way Split CD feat.
Nervous Impulse (Canada), Meat Cutting Floor (Russia), Japanische Kampförspiele (Germany) and Brud (Ukraine)

This 4-way split release is Part 2 in a 10th Anniversary gift to and from
Nervous Impulse, engineers of their own unique brand of insane death grind fury. On this killer split, the quintet is partnered with Russian party grind masters Meat Cutting Floor and recently reunited Ukrainian outfit Brud, who are back from the dead with new energy and their best material yet. Marking their 20th anniversary, legendary German grindcore band Japanische Kampförspiele tie up this mind-shattering collaboration. For this occasion, they will release newly-recorded versions of old school tracks spanning their entire repertoire; six of which will appear on this release. Get ready for pure grind destruction!